Typhoon and business.

Long time no… er… type…

Anyway- Japan and my area of residence is currently getting hit by typhoon Roke. I am in my apartment with all the necessary supplies. The JMA website is pretty good as a resource for what is happening.

I have been busy. very busy. started going to a martial arts class, going to the gym, in addition to Japanese drumming and being slightly involved with a rather small thing called A JOB!

Anyway, recent events involving friends from here and back home have confused, saddened and generally got up my nose, so no more Facebook. this is the one and only one-stop-shop for all things Jon from now on. And I promise to update again soon. just need to put my controller down and/ or stop watching rugby.


2 responses to “Typhoon and business.”

  1. Good to hear you’ve got alcohol, Jon. It’s been a fairly messy afternoon but I reckon the worst is over now. JMA’s as good as it gets. The kids had the day off and I got to go home at 2. Woohoo. See you soon.

  2. Martial Arts ? Please tell me you back garden has a new painted fence and your new best friend is a 4ft tall and looks like a 70 year old samurai ???

    Glad to see you joining us in a facebook free world, up the revolution

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