Things and stuff.

It has been pretty quiet on the ranch of late. I have been working during the summer (SHOCK!!!) and it is still very hot.

I am also more excited about the rugby world cup than is probably good for me, but oh well…

Here are a few pics of things over the last few weeks that I like, or I am a bit weary of…

This is a Lego man. Complete with maracas, poncho, moustache and sombrero!
This is a horse. In a bag. Notice the removable piece on the steed's back…
No idea what this is!
This is (a rather epic sounding) super Nintendo game. I was very tempted to get it. A certain Eddie Izzard skit came to mind…!
A rather cool looking building in Shinjuku.
And finally, my gal- er… wardrobe is coming along nicely!

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