I am Yours- one year on.

I have just realized that the one year anniversary of I am Yours- my strange book/ game project is fast approaching. Below is the site I set up to explain it. PLUS you can play the whole thing in browser and download the free ebook version. https://www.joystickdust.games/

Hades Review.

Greek on a leash. “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”Whoever said this, there is an element of truth to it, especially when playing video games. Mario collects coins, Sonic collects rings and Crash Bandicoot collects wumpa fruit…My point is that the majority of video…

Retro T Shirts- all links.

Hello there. Here are all links to my t shirt designs by region. Each region has designs of Japan, the UK and a world map. Cheers! Amazon US. Japan https://www.amazon.com/Retro-Vintage-Gaming-Akihabara-T-Shirt/dp/B08DL91QQ1 The Uk https://www.amazon.com/Retro-Ireland-England-Scotland-T-Shirt/dp/B08CP94NBW World map https://www.amazon.com/Retro-Gaming-World-Brothers-T-Shirt/dp/B08DJL9XF6 Amazon UK Japan https://www.amazon.co.uk/Retro-Vintage-Gaming-Akihabara-T-Shirt/dp/B08DL6Q7NG The uk https://www.amazon.co.uk/Retro-Ireland-England-Scotland-T-Shirt/dp/B084MXFCFD Amazon JP Japan https://www.amazon.co.jp/-/en/Retro-Vintage-Style-Akihabara-T-Shirt/dp/B08LMK5YLL The UK https://www.amazon.co.jp/-/en/Super-Video-Retro-16-80s-T-Shirt/dp/B08LMK4883 More products and designs soon!

I am Yours- the story so far.

It’s been about six months since I started writing what has turned in to “I am Yours”. Now, I’d like to share everything about the project so far. Any questions or feedback are welcomed. It’s very much still a work in progress, but I’m confident in the idea and I’m looking forward to the next…

The Last of Us Part 2- impressions/ analysis after three hours.

Disclaimers. This “review”/ analysis is after three hours with the game.  My opinion could well change by the end, but I felt I had reached enough of a significant moment to explain my thoughts so far.  I thought the Last of Us was a masterpiece upon first play through. Over time, I have identified a…