Capcom cafe, Shinjuku.

Opposite Shinjuku’s famous ‘Golden Gai’ izakaya square is a small cafe with all things Capcom. Figures, anime, plushes aplenty, as well as a few games to try out and themed food/ drink. 

Resident Evil Revelations 1+2 coming to Switch

Capcom has announced via Twitter that both the handheld iterations of their iconic survival horror franchise ‘Resident Evil Revelations’ is coming to Nintendo Switch in late 2017. Survival horror has only been represented on Switch by Vaccine so far, and the ‘Revelations’ have been well recieved.

Splatoon 2’s first splatfest

Nintendo’s newest summer flagship title Splatoon 2 has its first ‘splatfest’ tournament during the first week of August, and it’s a contentious condiment themed conundrum- mayonnaise or Ketchup? Splatoon 2 was released today in all major territories and has been getting high praise. The splatfests from the original game were not only a chance for…

Pokemon Mcflurry campaign 

In time for the release of Pokemon 20- ‘I chose you!’, Fast food chain McDonald’s is asking customers to guess the next flavor of Pokemon themed mcflurry. As you can see below, they range from the pleasant chocolate banana Pikachu flavor to the down right wrong broccoli Bulbasaur type, with Ramune soda, hot pepper and…