I am Yours- the story so far.

It’s been about six months since I started writing what has turned in to “I am Yours”. Now, I’d like to share everything about the project so far. Any questions or feedback are welcomed. It’s very much still a work in progress, but I’m confident in the idea and I’m looking forward to the next six months of development and production. So here goes- “I am Yours”- the story so far.

I didn’t write or make I am Yours for commercial or even artistic reasons. The writing/ production process got me through a very rough time which I’m still dealing with every day, whether it be mental health, family or something else. I hope more than anything that the game can help someone dealing with things like what I have been through over the last 18 months. It has been a very cathartic, healthy experience articulating thoughts and exploring my recent (and not so recent) experiences.

The story– I am Yours is about an old man embarking on possibly his last journey packing the remaining belongings that made him who (or what) he became. Without spoiling anything, there is a much, much bigger story to uncover. Ironically it was the first game I tried to make, which is now slowly progressing again.

The character and dialogue strike a delicate balance of ambiguity and relatability, tackling themes of loss, responsibility, family, estranged relationships, mental health, success, paranoia and more.

The concept– I am Yours is ultimately a minimalist text adventure style experience, exploring the psychological effect of memories, their connection to inanimate objects and their material or sentimental value. I have been experimenting with a few art styles but it feels more in keeping with the concept that it is text only- albeit with an intended format/ layout.

The twist– the game has been produced in parallel with a 292 page physical book version. The decision is three fold- to further develop the concept of owning physical possessions in an increasingly digital consumer landscape, to give the reader a direct interaction with the material beyond making choices or reading the story, but actively encouraging annotations, questions, or drawings and memories based on eliciting personal experiences.

Finally, as a result, the games title comes full circle, turning something previously passive into a personal and tangible possession.

“I would be in a stadium with thousands of other people all singing lyrics to the same song, but all having different memories about what the song means to them.”

There are two FULL versions of the game playable now.

A prototype version is playable now on itch.io

I Am Yours by Eigotaku

And in Dreams (PS4) here are the first five minutes on YouTube

I am Yours | indreams.me

The book version is currently undergoing its last stage of proofing and publishing options are being considered.

The game is currently being optimized for mobile devices with an initial release in spring 2021.

Any questions, comments or feedback, please don’t hesitate to email


About me- I’m Jon, a teacher in Tokyo as well as a writer, photographer and illustrator. Seen on IGN, Kotaku, Nintendolife. Here is a link to some of my articles.


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