5 games right at home on Nintendo Switch.

5 games that would be a perfect fit for switch.
The Nintendo switch has been in the wild for little over a week now, and while E3 (and hopefully some big hitters from the big N) gradually gets closer and the recent indies announcements are encouraging, here a few games that would perfectly utilise the hardware and features of the new kid on the block.
 The switch’s mission statement is to give local multiplayer something of a renaissance. Whether it be competitive or cooperative, home console local multiplayer had some glorious examples on Nintendo platforms for decades, going all the way back to the NES. Subsequent systems have maintained this momentum in one way, shape or form, whether it be four controller ports ( and a couple of the finest examples of multiplayer gaming) used on the N64 by Mario kart and Goldeneye, to the mini game compendiums of Wii sports, Wii play and, to a lesser extent, Nintendo land. It’s unfortunate that asymmetrical multiplayer never fulfilled its potential on the Wii U, but with the switch’s ability to link up to 8 machines locally, as well as using the TV and two controllers out of the box, a number of possibilities arise. 
Here are 5 games that would feel right at home on Switch. 

Death squared, released this week, is a deceptively straightforward cooperative puzzle game, emphasising communication and coordination. Move your coloured block to the correct spot to either activate switches (pardon the pun) or block dangerous obsticles to get everyone to their respective space. Like all good puzzle games, the sense of blinding frustration, glory, teamwork and satisfaction are only achieved by a group of people in the same pace at the same time, and whether gathered round the TV or each having a device, another ‘friendship destroyer’ would be right at home on Nintendos new big thing.

The Witness. Jonathan Blow’s serene, absorbing open world puzzle game arrived on PS4 pretty much a year ago to rapturous acclaim, sighting a beautiful open world with clever environmental as well as logic based puzzles. What makes this game more intriguing is the long gestating plan to release for mobile devices. The assumption technical hurdles aside, the touch based interface to solve the mazes would be seamless and intuitive, but navigation would fall into the age old trap of the absence of a true, tactile dual stick set up to move around- enter the Nintendo switch. Once the Witness has its claws in, you won’t be able to sleep for attempts to solve mazes in your dreams. Whether it be on the go or on the big screen, The witness on Nintendo Switch would be the ideal way to balance bite sized puzzle solving or longer exploration sessions, especially if that ‘lightbulb’ moment happens on a commute. 

That next game.

Indie darling and ‘games as art’ advocate Thatgamecompany have already announced a couple of tantalising details about their next game. Ambitiously stating multiplayer and multi platform, although not stating which systems (and trust me, I’ve tried). It isn’t just the potential multiplayer aspect of thatnextgame that would be right at home on switch.

Gorgeous art styles, extestencial themes combined with universal characters and ‘subtraction’ gameplay (a term used by Team ICO spearhead Fumito Ueda to strip back unnecessary game mechanics or interfaces) have made thatgamecompany games fun, rich and accessible to anyone. With the new games tag line of ‘a game about giving’, Nintendo’s family friendly philosophy and shared experience mantra would thrive and be welcomed on a Nintendo console. 


This pitch is as simple as the 8 bit, infuriatingly difficult, yet savagely addictive games that no doubt inspired it… Take one joy con off and turn the system vertically. Seriously though, a combination of Downwell’s aesthetic and technical presentation hardens back to the glory days of games on the NES, and while the game has been ported everywhere, that screen with a traditional button set up would hopefully be a great experience.

Rocket league.

Either on the couch or online, rocket league is begging to be on the Nintendo switch. For the last two years, the game has dominated steam and later console online multiplayer, and while the seemingly accessible pitch (again, pardon the pun) of ‘soccer with vehicles’ is enough to entice the wide demographic that the Switch is appealing to, it is the potential for the Nintendo themed aesthetic that would set it apart from other versions. To either go down the ‘Minecraft’ route and have a Mario skin pack, or even Nintendo to essentially make ‘Mario kart with a ball’, the chance to round out their holy grail of multiplayer experiences on Nintendo Switch is surely to great. With a definitive version of Mario Kart on the way, a sequel to the stellar third person shooter Splatoon and the enevitable Smash Brothers port, Rocket League would be able to hold its own with some of Nintendo’s finest properties on a system ready to embrace games that exemplify it’s assets. 


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