Ise, day 1, part 3 ‘the beef’.

After our wheeled jaunt round a very scenic and holy part of Japan, it was time to refuel.
And refuel we did. In style.
Matsuzaka beef is regarded as some of the best in japan, if not the world, and given its price tag (5000¥+ per 100g) i was expecting great things.
It was phenomenal.
Thanks to my wifes ‘maybe once in a lifetime’ justification, we had a meal i will remember for a very long time. And to think i was vegetarian for 10 years!


That is a certificate of history and authenticity!
And we also went to a bar and had a Moscow mule, and i managed to see this, which put a smile on my face, considering i went to an exhibition of his work just two weeks ago.






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