Im trying to find ways to occupy myself during the approaching school holidays. I have so far resisted the gruesome charms of ‘the last of us’ and the artistic beauty of ‘okami hd’ because i have a pile of games i haven’t started yet, let alone completed. Maybe later il post a pic of my collection… Something to do isn’t it?!

I also bought some art supplies.

Now for the fun bit.

As any self-respecting, 30 year old recently married man would do, i bought another games console…

As any self-respecting 30 year old geek with a healthy habit of visiting junk stores in japan (which is slightly harsh- you can pick up some great, working stuff) the games console doesn’t work…

So I’m going to take it apart and take photos of it, paint it, do paintings of it etc.

Best 105 yen (80ish p) I’ve ever spent!
And the console? That would be telling!


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