Is tomorrow! I wanted to do another post about my games that rock my world. I got 5 games from home and am knee deep in guano and traveling around middle earth at the moment. Quick top picks. The last of us. I like the uncharted series very much but it was stinky blue cheese at times. The last of us seems to me what silent hill should at least try, as they have screwed the original ip up. Beyond: two souls. Again, loved heavy rain and quantic dream know drama.

Watch dogs. Really interested to see if this has the substance to back up the ideas and potential already shown.

The phantom pain/ground zeroes aka mgs 5. Come on! Kojima is the master publicity off the field and a craftsman on it.

Ps4 vs xbone? Im good with my ps3 and really intrigued if nintendo can step up a few notches and compete. And not doing a conference? I think is no problem. All the attention will be on sony and microsoft, so a direct-to-fans no BS game centered excitem’ up is fine by me.


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