Everywhere and back again- a story by…

In between a futile battle to stop a green waterfall of goop gushing from my nose and dodging a plagerism suit from the Tolkien estate, my significant other and I have successfully completed our wee jaunt to Europe. I am now trying to get rid of this aformentioned goop, while she is already back  in the office while a typhoon is swirling around Japan. Such is life.

In 16 days (between the 17th of march and 2nd of April) I have moved house, location, changed job and traveled a total of (hang on, I am sad enough to calculate this…)

(25 mins later…)

approximately twenty-one thousand, seven hundred and one kilometres (or 13492 miles).

No wonder I have got a cold!!!

I will get some pics up soonish, I have to get rid of this thing before work on Friday. A MASSIVE thank you to all who helped make it happen (accommodation, driving etc) and sincere apologies to people we didn’t catch up with. It was a pretty mental but fun filled week! 

Back to bed!


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