An epic wake up call and pre-ordering fruit.

At about 5 o’clock this morning, I was given the most epic of natural wake up calls, as my local area was hit by a massive thunderstorm. I seriously thought a bomb or gun had gone off- it was LOUD!!!

anyway, the end of term draws ever nearer. The usual emotions are swirling around my usually empty head, and I think today I noticed it was getting marginally warmer… don’t speak too soon.

the fruit ordering? well, if you have even the slightest interest or knowledge about computing or programming (No, me neither, but I am always willing to learn!) then you will have heard of this little thing.

it is a Raspberry Pi computer. I can’t be bothered going into specifics, so here is the wiki page.

The initial stock sold out in hours, so I’m not expecting it any time soon.

at 30 quid, curiosity got the better of me, so i’ll keep u posted.


2 responses to “An epic wake up call and pre-ordering fruit.”

  1. So it’s a ZX Spectrum without the rubber keyboard plugged into your Mac, nice. Do you get one of those mini printers with the silver paper to print on. I remember using one of those turtle draw programs, forward 100, right 90, forward 100, right 90. Today’s youth don’t know what they’re missing!!!

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