Ahhh, march. Sakura, weather getting warmer and the crazy “what the hell is going on’ feeling that everyone in my position faces. the picture below might give some indication as to which of the above statements is true…

In other news, discussing spring vacation with my teacher. he was very excited to be going to Hawaii and going on a banana boat.

Japan is pretty good for giving away free stuff with drinks. I am a victim for such promotions. a brand of coffee is giving away little pictures of AKB 48 (a girl group that is more popular than… well… most things). I gave these to my teacher. Something else that is ridiculously popular is a manga about pirates called One Piece. I kept these.

Now for some topical and regular silliness.


As Eddie Vedder sings in one of my fave songs:

“See you on the flip side”.


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