Last memories of 2011.

 I have not done much since returning from snowboarding, but that is what vacation is for, right?!

Anyway, the last day of term was an expectedly ceremonial affair, until the day ended. I had a quick dentist appointment (which I thought was going to be worse than it turned out to be) and then I had a Bonenkai (or “Forget-the-year Party”). For the record, I have had an amazing year in Japan which I will never forget, but the Japanese do like a party, so when in Rome (or Japa- never mind!).

The food. Incredible.

I know what some of it is…

To my shock and surprise, the other school I go to had their party at the same place. But they were dressed as Power Rangers when I arrived. Heaven knows what they were up to. The party I went to was a more conventional but no less enjoyable night.

Oh, come on! I would have been really disappointed if it hadn’t happened, and when it did… It was eye-opening to say the least!
Some Japanese music I enjoy. It can also sometimes confuse me…
My personal highlight was most of the male teachers reciting the dance routine (with worrying accuracy) to this…
And their inner punk rocker coming out, to this.
I stuck to the safe, dependable artists, including The Beatles, Elvis, and, um… The Carpenters. (In-joke, trust me).
A great night.
In other news, I found a restaurant that serves beer by the boot…
… The comprehensive answer to the question that has baffled both linguistic experts and scientists for years-
‘how do you explain to a Japanese person what a widget is?’
And a new year survival kit when everyone is ‘busy’.
AND! the most mind blowing mode of transport ever devised by a human (that actually exists). BUT! you will have to wait until my next post about my snowboarding trip to find out what it is.
This is my 100th post, 1 day before the first day of my new job, which I started one year ago. Wakarimasu-ka?!

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