Sunday bike ride.

On Sunday, I procured a bike from my friend and decided to go for a ride. What I wasn’t prepared for was realizing how much I missed riding. The weather was surprisingly fantastic for two reasons. First it had THROWN it down the day before, so I initially thought the good weather had finally finished. Leading on from that, when you look at the photos, understand that it is December. Not exactly what I was expecting.

This was the view from my front door- first snow of the winter on Fuji-san.
I honestly thought I could be in New Zealand with a view like this.
There's nothing quite like a 12 o'clock shadow…
The Beast.
Clear blue sky in December.

Just as the sun started to set.

Last one of Fuji- promise! I do like it though…!

This was my route.

All in all, I was out for about 6 hours (including a few stops and distractions), and loved it. A to B and back again was about 26 km I think. The last part of the route has cherry blossom trees along both sides of the road. An amazing sight in season, and  I will be riding again many times before that happens in March/ April.


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