3 things about Kawazu.

So I have been pretty quiet for a bit- but that is not to say nothing has happened. On sunday, we went to Kawazu. there is an area called Seven waterfalls. so far, so ‘doeswhatitsaysonthetin’, right? WRONG! well, sort of.

Because of the typhoon, a couple of them are unable to be seen by the public. The second thing is- wasabi. The local area is quite out in the sticks. It is mainly hot springs or ‘onsen’ (and, of course, Fuji) that bring city dwellers in this direction. It is also quite fond of wasabi. Wasabi is a Japanese horseradish that, you guessed it, can pack quite a punch. But they go the extra mile, in typical Japanese fashion. Wasabi toys, wasabi ice cream, hell, even wasabi flavoured kit kats are readily available (samples subject to request and exchange of chocolate hob nobs- something I miss more than anything from Blighty… SOB.)

Beer. complete with mermaid and strategically placed wasabi.

bought it, tried it. the smell was strong, the beer did the job.


the third thing Kawazu is known for is the ‘loop bridge’. Nothing will explain it better than the video I have, but it decided not to work. so here is someone elses vid.

and someone elses pic. sorry!

Also, I have been to the dentist more times in the last fortnight than I had previously been this century. I lost a wisdom tooth. It hurt.  I had to console myself with a new game, which is awesome. But fortunately, the other 2 games I ordered from England also arrived, one of which is amazing, the other is good. more in depth analysis will surely follow, once I have finished the retrospective I am currently working on.



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