The day of rest…

It is Sunday. Time for me to do everything I meant to do during the week. Yesterday I walked a lot, bought some Christmas presents and what I consider the funniest birthday card I have ever seen. But I have no idea why it is so funny. Suffice to say I was crying with laughter and thought at one point a store clerk was going to ask me if I was OK. It didnt come to that, I managed to hold together long enough to pay for it and get out of the shop with a shred of dignity intact.

On Thursday (ANOTHER public holiday), I went to Hakone with a friend of mine. He was very hungover. I didn’t get any photos of the journey itself, the train was packed and it was overcast. Here are some from the net, along with my own efforts.

My days travel.

Walk to Nagaoka Train station. Train to Mishima. Train to Odawara. Train to Hakone Youmoto. Train to Gora. Cable car to Sounzan. Ropeway to Togendai. Pirate ship to Hakone Machi. Bus to Mishima. Train to Nagaoka.

Walk home.

After a relaxed approach to the days travel, we only had time to go to the open air museum. To really make it worthwhile, an overnight is probably better. Regardless, a bit of art goes a long way, and the the higher we travelled, the better the view got in spite of the conditions.

As a side note, my friend’s identity has been hidden on the count that he was being a prune.

Right. Time for a coffee and sort out my washing.


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