For anyone who knows me, I am a bit of a film geek. I am also a big Quentin Tarantino fan, so when I went to the local used DVD/ music/ game store and found the Japanese version of Kill Bill vol.1 (for 250 yen (about 2 quid) no less), I picked it off the shelf and am just sitting down to watch it. Regardless of how many times I have seen it over the last 7 years, this time it will be in it’s uncut, full colour and undoubtedly more brutal glory .

PS. Here is a pic of my halloween effort from last year. I thought going as the Joker was a bit predictable, and I am sure that after The Dark Knight Rises comes out, there will be more Banes than you can shake a supercharged stick at. And I can’t believe this was a YEAR ago!


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