The unlucky Welsh and KIA KAHA AOTEAROA!!!

It was a gut wrenching semi final between the welsh and the french last week. I sat in a bar in Ikebukuro watching a talented and spirited young welsh side robbed (although understandably- given the potential danger) of their captain push an arrogant, unambitious and blase french side agonisingly close (literally the width of a post and the length of a rugby ball) to setting up a final with New Zealand.

The aforementioned other semi was never really out of the Kiwi’s hands, with Quade (enter your own expletive here) Cooper kicking the first ball out on the full really set the tone. Cory Jane was a master under the high ball, Kahui showed great determination and Aaron Cruden put in a composed and commanding performance well beyond his experiance and 22 years. The fact that the guy has overcome cancer is an example to people both older and younger.

Last year I was involved in raising money for mens health issues. reading about Cruden’s story was one justification for it.

And to the final. SURELY it is New Zealand’s. my heart has said it all along, my head had a suspicion it was Australia. Some say it will be close. I hope not, I don’t think I can handle it. Monday could be looong…


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