Geek shopping and unable to stop painting mountains.

So yesterday I found the Megaman (Rockman in Japan) figures I had been after for a while. Sad, I know, but I think they’re cool!

I also found the Konami store and offices in Midtown, Tokyo.

Shame Kojima is at Comic-Con…

Despite the small size, the shop had some awesome art books about some great games, so I did what I had to do.

After making an apparently pretentious comment about ‘not what the building is, it is what it represents’ we found Ueno park. Somewhere I fully intend on going back to.

Today, I painted a small momento about my Fuji hike.

remembering 23/24th July 2011.
close up.

This weekend is our ‘Super Duper Gotemba Outlet Store Excursion Super’ which I am really looking forward to!


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