Fuji hike- 23rd/24th July 2011- Go rei kou.

This weekend saw myself and a few others hike Mount Fuji. Thanks have to go to Joe for organizing it, and his teams massive achievement going from the sea to the summit, which took almost 24 hours. As for my mini team, we all made it up and down safe. I am immensely proud of us for getting to the summit. I can only speak for myself by saying it mentally took pretty much everything  I had to get up there. Since I have been looking back at the photos, it is sinking in what we achieved. I know a lot of people do this every year, but I had serious doubts whether I could do it. But I did. Not even horrendous sunburn on my feet could stop me! We got to Fuji at 6.15pm, which gave us time to eat, sleep, acclimatize etc. We started climbing from the 5th station at 9.15pm, got to the top at roughly 5.15am Sunday and got to the bottom again just in time for the 1pm bus. Epic time.




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