A bit more silliness, a complete shock and an epic journey…

First, a few more doodles from ‘the boredom chronicles’…

A complete shock.

Today, I had a 1-2-1 speaking comprehension test with each of my 130+ 1st grade JHS students. There was one girl, that in the 6 months that I have taught her, has said virtually NOTHING. she is always polite, but very very shy. So, it was her turn. I said hello to her (I know her name, which is kind of a big deal for the student and a minor miracle for me- as I teach nearly 500 students and my memory is terrible). ANYWAY, she sat down… and talked… in English… PERFECTLY! I…was…stunned! she was completely unfazed by the whole experience, and I still maintain that every day, something happens to completely justify why I am here.

Also, I am climbing mount Fuji in July! I felt it had to be done, so me and my team will see the sun rise from the summit in a months time… pretty awesome experience, I’m sure it will be.

Best start training!


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