It has been so long, I nearly forgot about you!

SO, I went to Tokyo last weekend, and caught the train of the beast…

Had a great weekend, talking rubbish, catching up and seeing how the other half live. I also found a big guitar shop, which was wall to wall with objects of desire.

The Gibson floor.
The Fender Floor.

Back at School and the land of working, I went to Taiko (Japanese drumming) class, which was awesome, and got my own sticks so I can practise

I have done a few doodles and joined the after school art class as well. They are a great bunch of students, and my paintings are now in frames in the school corridoor!

Dust Bunnies.
View from a Tokyo window.

Yesterday, myself and a couple of colleagues had a cheeky afternoon kareoke session, and then went to Katahama. Suffice to say, I resisted buyiong this, but I was sad enough to take a picture.

Too cool for old school.

I couldn’t, however, resist this.


And so, now my ‘Usual Suspects’ homage is complete.

And here it is.

I think it was Elmo…

I know I’m a geek. I can live with it!

HAPPY FATHERS DAY PA!!!! a card is in the post- might get to you before Christmas!


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