New painting and typhoon number 2…

The painting I have just finished took three weeks. coincidentally, the same amount of time it took for two typhoons to threaten Japan. Thankfully, all we got was quite a bit of rain, but the earthquake that happened nearly three months ago is still fresh in the memory, so any warnings were not taken lightly, by me anyway. I was also listening to a variety of music when I was painting it, so it is a bit random.

In other news, E3 is NEXT WEEK!!!!!I can’t wait! Part 2 of my ‘games’ segment will be up soon, but I am going to Japanese class tonight so it can wait. I will be carrying it on past E3, looking forward to the Tokyo games show in September. I am also looking forward to going to Tokyo for the first time in a month, weekend after next.

Mt Fuji during a storm.

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