My new(ish) toy…

So… I finally gave in. After nearly 20 years of ‘I want one’, umming and arring, financial hardship and TRYING to grow up, I went and bought a Super Nintendo (or Super Famicom in  Japan).

For the record, it is AWESOME! I got a few games that I have always wanted, the rest can wait till I get to Tokyo.

PS3 and 360 have got NOTHING on this bad boy!!!!!

Today though, the sun is shining, and the Sakura are blooming, so it is time to venture out and take some photos.



One response to “My new(ish) toy…”

  1. Awesome! When I first came to Canada, a SNES was the very first console I ever got and I received it on my very first Christmas. Oh, Super Mario World — how many hours I spent on you …

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