At around quarter to 3 this afternoon, an area off the north-east coast of Japan was hit by a massive earthquake, and the resulting tsunami has caused devastation to the coastal city of Sendai, with aftershocks continually being felt over most of Japan. Tokyo’s phone and rail services are out of action, so I am unable to contact friends or my significant other. Tsunami is heading towards the pacific islands and New Zealand, as well as Taiwan and the Phillipines. This is the first time I have experienced anything like this, and I am not ashamed to admit that I was and still am scared. It is an incredibly surreal feeling, and being in an area of a country where English is seldom heard makes it all the more weird. I keep looking at my glass to gauge the tremors that are still going on (enter lame Jurassic park similarity here) but before, I just assumed that when my apartment shook for a second, it was a big truck going past… It was a mental day BEFORE the earthquake/ tsunami, but that is for another time…


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  1. You’re a legend JC. Thoughts are with you, hope make contact with the other half soon, must be tough at the moment.

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