About me/ contact

This will EVENTUALLY be a one-stop-shop for all my thoughts, images and knowledge of Japan. I am a COMPLETE technophobe when it comes to new things so please bear with me (grrr!)

To my knowledge, ‘Eigotaku’ is a compound term, of ‘Eigo’, Japanese for English, and ‘otaku’, an umbrella term for geek…!!! I was previously unaware of the term, so if I have come up with it, great, if not, I think it sums me up pretty well!


All my work will eventually be on this website.


5 responses to “About me/ contact”

  1. When will we be seeing the Jon in Japan app on itunes?

  2. Jon!!,
    I know that this is the first time that i have been to visit your site (sorry about that), very impressed……have showed the parentals too.
    Still looks like you are having an awesome time in Japan.
    Speak to you soon x

  3. jon!
    see you soon!
    take care mate


  4. hi mate, what email address can I get you on? Owen

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