Photos from Bitsummit 2017.

While TGS is the flagship Video game event in Japan, Kyoto’s Bitsummit is a coming together of specifically indie developers. This year was its fifth and certainly its biggest and Nintendo had a pretty decent showing- not in years has the company backed a local event like this, January’s switch event notwithstanding. Key speakers like […]

Thumper review and interview- ‘Bang the Drum’

  Curiously proclaimed as a ‘Rhythm Violence’ game by it’s developers, the term makes perfect sense once Thumper is experienced. Previously on PS4/ PSVR in October 2016, the game has now come to Nintendos newest system, the Switch. Co-founder and head programmer Marc Flury explained how it came to be. ‘I met a couple of […]

Introducing ‘In The Fade’

Here it is. The working title for my game and one of my favorite songs from one of my favorite bands. Seemed fitting.  ‘The fade is the negative space of an artificial shadow created by a light source on objects in a room, tunnel or cave. The fade is constantly moving and can be infinitely […]

Dev log 1.5- more influences. 

Ever since I thought about making a game (like music, writing and everything else in my ‘creative’ life) it is inevitable that I have influences and that I want to get the balance right between homage and originality. Without being derivative, replicating or even making a game with style but no substance, video games in […]

Rugby podcast

In addition to everything else I’m doing, I want to encourage and help people wanting to come to Japan for the rugby World Cup in 2019. Provide cultural insight, travel info, anything that might be of use. There is a dedicated Facebook page @shinbunpodcast.