Mario Kart 8 review- a classy convertible.

Mario kart has been an institution of Nintendo systems for 25 years, becoming as synonymous as the plucky plummers solo adventures, and in terms of sales, more than holding its own against more realistic and modern racing games on PlayStation and XBOX. It could be argued that no other franchise perfectly encapsulates Nintendo’s ability to […]

Kirby 25th anniversary and pupupu train event.

Tokyo started two Kirby events today- one in Ueno’s Yamashiroya toy store celebrating the Nintendo mascots 25th birthday, complete with cake and message board. The other was an annual, train- centric special event in a ‘pop up store’ in Tokyo station’s character street. Queues at both events started at least 2 hours before opening, with […]

The Legend of Zelda- Breath of the Wild review.

The legend of Zelda franchise is now in its 30’s. While it would be understandable if not acceptable for conventions of the series to not only be industry templates, but influence countless game developers who grew up finding master swords, fairy fountains and cows down wells. Skyrim, the witcher, fallout and even the similarly cross […]