Inside review 

Walk the line.Inside is last years sequel/ spiritual successor to 2010s creepy indie darling title ‘Limbo’, made my Danish indie developer Playdead. It’s the natural evolution of both their aesthetic style and gameplay mechanics, while never becoming stale, derivative or predictable. It expands on many elements that made Limbo such a success and, in short, […]

Limbo review.

Master of the dark arts. Somehow, among the heaviest of heavy hitters released in 2010, indie game developers were building on the mainstream gaming media attention that Jonathan Blow’s Braid had started two years previously. smaller, more intimate projects from individuals and very small teams became more and more recognized creatively and commercially, peaking with […]

Nintendo’s ‘moneyball’

Stepping up to the plate- the home runs, strike outs and everything in between to expect from the Nintendo Switch event.  Shigeru Miyamoto infamously once said ‘ A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad’.  After his most recent console offering – the journey of the serviceable but awkward and […]