Resident evil retrospective- putting the fear into VR.

There are two types of horror games. Visceral, disturbing psychological horror games and B-movie horror games with cheesy dialogue, cheap, jump scares and increasing ludicrous plots of viruses, zombies and useless ‘special ops’ teams. While the former, exemplified by Silent Hill (thanks in part to its developer and gradually worsening installments) and, more tragically, last […]

Nintendo Switch- trailer analysis and impressions.

On the 17th of March 2015, during a joint press conference with Japanese mobile developer DeNA, Nintendo announced to the world that they were not only working on a new system, code and ‘NX’ but also a relationship with the previously ignored mobile platform. Five months out from the two year anniversary of that announcement […]

Opinion- seven stages of my Nintendo grief. 

Literally as I write this, I’m periodically checking Google and Twitter for sudden news, leaks, reports or diagrams. It has got that bad. But why? After E3’s solitary showing of Zelda and each explicit and subsequent refusal to reveal at events or directs, Nintendo’s mythical next platform, codenamed NX, has social media and the video […]

Arty farty

Looks like my art page has had a panic attack, so if I want to keep it going, I might have to put everything on here too. You lucky people.