Pokemon message board

Some people in Japan are super talented, and can leave a message on a board set up in Akihabara’s Yodabashi camera.

Tokyo’s treasure trove of gaming kitch.

  By Jon Cousins. Discovering Tokyo can be a mixture of research, recommendations, and if you have the time, luck. What is important to note is that Tokyo simply can not be digested as one giant whole. The greater area is home to some 33 million people, 12 million of those are in the city…


The Tale of Two Cities- How Tokyo’s flagship games event remains in E3’s shadow. By Jon Cousins. The Tokyo games show celebrated its 20th anniversary this year, and while crowds over the two public days hit either side of 100,000, the absence of a genuine show stopper could be seen as a slight disappointment. The…

Kirby museum, Ueno.

Yamashiroya is hosting a kirby exhibition at the moment. Exclusive regional merch, displays of rare toys, every game ever released, and even a mirror ball!