Ise, day 1, part 2.

After finding our hotel and dumping our bags, we decided to go walkies. Now… I must confess that i really enjoy riding a bike, but in Japan, it scares the crap out of me. I also told my boss with complete confidence that i would NOT be riding a bicycle on holiday. That lasted about […]

Ise- day 1, part 1.

So after a 5 am wake up call and a 6.30 shinkansen, we made it to Nagoya, where it was still rush hour! We hopped on a decidedly less advanced local train down to ise, which is considered one of the 3 most sacred places in Japan.


Now that halloween and the honeymoon are done with, its time to save some money. By NOT buying an ipad… Or a wii u… Or even THINKING about going to Hokkaido. dang it! One of them just happened! Anyway, had a great, albeit busy time in ise and kyoto, and part 1 coming soon.