The desolation of jon

I have been very busy recently. Mainly having teeth removed and working my butt off, but i am now on holiday. Tidbits of our trip will be up in due course, along with random outbursts and, in ashamed to say it , the occasional photo of food. To start off, here is a cat… And […]


With 68 days to go, i have done 90% of my christmas shopping. The days of me going out on christmas eve in the vain hope of a clean sweep and returning with just a lucozade and a sandwich to show for it are finally behind me. The joys of growing up… Now, where is […]

Tell them…

After finishing heavy rain and waiting for felt like an eternity, i have played through the demo of ‘beyond two souls’. I have been looking forward to this for a while. First time through, i was not disappointed… Second time through, i was blown away.


Here is a pretty decent waste of a blue biro and about an hour and a half. My venture into pixel art has officially started!