As i wait for an uncharacteristically long time for the train to go have my photo taken, i remember another adorable japanese public. Service poster regarding dog safety…

Sharks, masks and toucans

After a day of working with children, i ended up watching the liverpool vs chelsea game in the pub. Between wondering what torres did to his face, and why the equally childish suarez bite someone, i got this.

Pics from the arts festival

Sorry! It was a while back, but i went to the media arts festival in roppongi. Most of it was poor, and it was packed, so i went to the art graduate exhibition instead. Add to that, a bit of silliness i noticed at the local familymart…


I love shibuya. Not much of the crazy fashion of harajuku, not many of the geeks from akihabara, but still if you find the right place, you can find nuggets of greatness and a decent stout. Anyway, ive been looking for these for nearly 2 years, and after an hour of trying to remember where…

Tokyo 7s

On a pretty nippy sunday afternoon, we went into the centre of tokyo to watch the second day of the rugby 7s tournament. It was good fun and i hope the 7s as well as the 15s game grows so that japan can host an awesome rugby world cup in 2019.