Art and snow

I had my annual trip to roppongi for the media arts festival yesterday, and have just finished snowboarding. SO, expect not one, but two boarding vids, a tiny bit of geekery and a smidge of culture very soon…ish! Advertisements

Geek town

My first visit to akihabara since moving to tokyo was last weekend. I like geeky stuff and i like the volume of geeky stuff in akihabara. I dont like the crowds or the noise, but i picked up a couple of little things i think r pretty cool. My metre high gundam will have to […]

Family mart

Here in Tokyo, you would find it difficult not to find a ‘konbini’ within a 30 metre radius at any given point. These open-all-hours buildings of genius are especially handy on the way back from an ‘enkai’ (party (piss-up) or the sudden realisation you have run out of bog roll. And don’t get me started […]


A couple of updates coming soon, including a new snowboarding vid, a little reunion and some geeky goodness. Maybe some silliness if you are lucky…