3 hours til 30…

Birthday tomorrow, I am currently using the (rather funky) new iTunes 11 in my new computer and bringing my ipod back from the brink of some kind of mid life crisis. looking forward to skyfall, the hobbit and the christmas holidays. we are going snowboarding, and when I get back I have some gaming and […]


In the local(isn) stationary shop, there was a little exhibition of 2 of my favorite things. geeky figures and comic stuff. if you are lucky, and if i can be bothered, there might be a few pics of the comic bit in the near future.


First of all, I got my new computer! Second, we went to Disneyland on our day off. This is a phot of a lot of people sitting down waiting for the parade.   This is an AWESOME home made Zurg costume.     This is a giant light up cheshire cat .       […]