The Japanese love any excuse to get dressed up and have a party, and the summer is a decent time to do it. Music, dance and parades a plenty happen, from the main centres to the smaller suburbs. I went to a couple and they are good fun. here are some pics. If you look […]


Just up the road from us is a theme park. It is no Alton towers, but is pretty fun, no queues for the (pretty old school) rides and a few arcades to waste some money in. and, of course, a mirror house. My significant other thought this was Michael Jackson. I thought this one was…


During the summer (I know- sorry) a few of us went to Nagano. A great chance to test my new camera…   we went fishing at a lake that had more than a passing likeness to the fishing mini game in Ocarina of time… We did some hiking and got lost… and found out that Sugadaira […]