for anyone who hasnt listened to the new green day album- dont. listen to dookie, nimrod and warning instead. i am currently getting over my first bout of man flu of the season, getting ready for halloween at school (decorations have already been up a week!) and have a few pics to put up… all […]

new toy.

this is my new toy. i have had it for 3 weeks, this is what i intend to do with it when winter finally gets here… stay tuned for some pics!  

more lego…

I know, i am sorry, i cant help it. I am a massive LEGO fan. BUT, the company did celebrate its 80th birthday recently, and last month, this was released. and in the local lego shop, some geniuses have their lego models displayed, which are anything from famous japanese animation… to other sci fi movie […]


a while back, there was an exhibition celebrating everyones favorite marmalade lover, paddington. in tokyo?! i couldn’t believe it either, but it was interesing, funny and heart warming that he is as loved here as he is in the UK. we bought gifts, and had a photo taken… and had a sneaky game of rock, […]

a long time ago…

we went to france and england, we came back, and i saw one of my favorite bands. me and dennis (guitarist). me, yuri and george (drummer). a very blurry me and matt (accordian player). Great music, great guys to talk to and a night i will never forget.

Back in the game…

Hold on to your butts people- I’m back! I havent had the internet for 6 months while we sorted out a new house, but in the very near future, you will be bang up to date with everything that has happened since april. so stay tuned!!!!