Snakes and Wolves.

Everyone and their neighbours’ dog seems to be getting married at the moment! CONGRATULATIONS TO THE WIZZARD AND PISTOL OF THE MAGIC MOUNTAIN! XXXX I myself am preparing a speech for one later this year… In other news, one of my favourite franchises and a massive Japanese clothing chain, famous for character Ts have joined […]

‘With my sunglasses on’…

My blog has been unforgivably neglected of late, but I am two weeks in to my new job, went to see my faveorite bands in Shibuya and met one of my heroes (who as it turns out, is a really sound guy, along with the other band members I met). Also, it is the 75th […]

Hanami and this.

Sakura are now in full bloom here in Tokyo. The pics (along with pics from our Europe jaunt) will be up soon. For now, here is an interesting (and slightly complicated) article- originally about a man denyed entry to Japan after many years of being a ‘resident’ and his response- resentment of, well, everything. It […]

Everywhere and back again- a story by…

In between a futile battle to stop a green waterfall of goop gushing from my nose and dodging a plagerism suit from the Tolkien estate, my significant other and I have successfully¬†completed our wee jaunt to Europe. I am now trying to get rid of this aformentioned goop, while she is already back ¬†in the […]