Leaving Japan and a shifty looking Link…

After two graduation ceremonies (one heart-breaking, the other one… not so much, for some reason), I packed up and am now in Tokyo. BUT WAIT! THERE’S MORE! I have been going through the motions (and the ringer to be honest) of late, but I am leaving Japan… …for a week! Yep, a trip that has […]

Tough day.

The students at my Junior High School had their little send off ceremony for the 3rd graders this afternoon, so it is all starting to sink in. Combined with the one year anniversary of the tsunami and earthquake on Sunday, I have been put through the ringer somewhat. And I have now made the most […]

An epic wake up call and pre-ordering fruit.

At about 5 o’clock this morning, I was given the most epic of natural wake up calls, as my local area was hit by a massive thunderstorm. I seriously thought a bomb or gun had gone off- it was LOUD!!! anyway, the end of term draws ever nearer. The usual emotions are swirling around my […]


Ahhh, march. Sakura, weather getting warmer and the crazy “what the hell is going on’ feeling that everyone in my position faces. the picture below might give some indication as to which of the above statements is true… In other news, discussing spring vacation with my teacher. he was very excited to be going to […]