as promised

A little homage to the news that KFC is bringing their famous ‘heart attack in your hands’, otherwise known as the ‘double down’ to Japan. yeah, i didn’t spend much time on it, but i thought it was funny! and, whoever made this is a hero. more to come.   Advertisements

3 things.

I will never understand why dub step is popular. It has been raining all day, so I have been keeping my PS3 busy, as well as starting a new little painting. I made the shocking discovery on thursday that my 6th grade students have less than 42 days till graduation. Here we go again!


New banner, new ‘games’ entry and a 2011 retrospective, located in my journal. Now, time to get over this cold before Tuesday!


The first week of 2012 is nearly over. It is my Dad’s birthday tomorrow (so I can FINALLY put up a pic of the hilarious card I got him). I am sick, and the Japanese public holiday calender is again going in my favour, SO, I have another long weekend. So I am drawing, sniffing, […]