Happy New Year!

^ Also, a massive update coming soon. Photos from my snowboarding trip, a little journal entry reflecting on a year (already) in Japan, two entrys in my ‘games’ segment,- my first direct Vita vs 3DSĀ opinionsĀ and a retrospective on an elf in green that involves niether Tolkin nor Jackson. There might even be a bit of […]


Last Sunday, we went to Panorama Park. This was my second visit since I have been in Nagaoka, and it was just as cool as the first time. Over the past weeks koyo (red leaves) have been appearing in Japan, and even though it is not quite as bigger deal (to my knowledge) as Sakura […]

The silliness will return…

I have been through the ringer a bit today. I think that some silliness will be on the way soon. Not before I have put up the photos from last weekend (No, I STILL haven’t sorted them out). I almost forgot- Japan has Christmas KFC. I thought it was a wind up at first…

Vita Vita! Linda Linda Linda!

Photos of my second trip to Panorama park last Sunday will be up probably tomorrow. Clear blue skies, red leaves and some pretty amazing views, and a steep descent. After that, we had a quick trip to Gotemba to pick up some clothes on the way to Tokyo. I FINALLY got my brothers Christmas present! […]

Marathon festival.

Today, at my Elementary School, they had a morning long ‘marathon festival’. I would liken this to when I was at High school. Every winter, we would have Inter-house cross country, but in reality they ran for about 10 minutes along the river and back. This was the same kind of thing. Cold weather and […]

Sunday bike ride.

On Sunday, I procured a bike from my friend and decided to go for a ride. What I wasn’t prepared for was realizing how much I missed riding. The weather was surprisingly fantastic for two reasons. First it had THROWN it down the day before, so I initially thought the good weather had finally finished. […]