The end of Movember.

Last year, I took part in an international annual event to raise money for men’s health issues called Movember. what started out as a bit of a ‘let’s see who has the guts to do this’ dare, turned into a full blown, month long extravaganza. We raised a lot of money, had a lot of […]

Uncle Jon.

On (what I think was) Monday (due to the time difference, I’m not sure and will have to double check with) my brother and his significant other (that rhymes! AWESOME!) became the proud parents of a baby boy! His name is Daniel William (I’m calling him Danny Bill) and I can’t wait to meet him. […]

3 things about Kawazu.

So I have been pretty quiet for a bit- but that is not to say nothing has happened. On sunday, we went to Kawazu. there is an area called Seven waterfalls. so far, so ‘doeswhatitsaysonthetin’, right? WRONG! well, sort of. Because of the typhoon, a couple of them are unable to be seen by the […]

The day of rest…

It is Sunday. Time for me to do everything I meant to do during the week. Yesterday I walked a lot, bought some Christmas presents and what I consider the funniest birthday card I have ever seen. But I have no idea why it is so funny. Suffice to say I was crying with laughter […]

I’d rather be at work.

Today is a day that is loooong overdue. I am going to the dentist. I don’t like the dentist. Not. One. Bit. But, apparently he speaks good English (always a plus) and I have the rest of the day to sort the rest of my life out. SO, journal update, photos from my super duper […]