For anyone who knows me, I am a bit of a film geek. I am also a big Quentin Tarantino fan, so when I went to the local used DVD/ music/ game store and found the Japanese version of Kill Bill vol.1 (for 250 yen (about 2 quid) no less), I picked it off the […]

It is time…

After inadvertently (and probably temporarily) curing my blocked up nose by overwhelmingly realising 4 seconds too late that my burger had mustard in it is one thing. Realising that I have been living and working as an English teacher in Japan for ten months could be seen as quite another, but at the moment they […]

Back to normal…

I have not been that nervous watching a rugby game since the France vs. England semi-final 4 years ago… but… It gives me great pleasure in saying that New Zealand are the Rugby World Cup CHAMPIONS!!!!! After the loss of SuperDan and the iffy screw in King Richie’s foot, here is a little something I […]

The unlucky Welsh and KIA KAHA AOTEAROA!!!

It was a gut wrenching semi final between the welsh and the french last week. I sat in a bar in Ikebukuro watching a talented and spirited young welsh side robbed (although understandably- given the potential danger) of their captain push an arrogant, unambitious and blase french side agonisingly close (literally the width of a […]

And then there were four…

Well, 50% isn’t too bad… England are out. Deservedly, and their antics off the field may well have affected their lacklustre campaign, but all credit to the French. Awesome nudge from the Welsh too, beating an experienced Irish outfit with class defending. It was not to be a last hurrah for the Springboks, with 4 […]

A sad day.

The chances are that this guy had a big influence in what you are reading this post on. In my opinion, he was a maverick, visionary and a genuine pioneer of the modern age. Some people hate Apple’s business model or even their products, but it is undeniable that this guy changed the face of […]

The Hunter vs. Lateralus vs. Songs for the deaf.

After an ass kicking at martial arts class, a beer or two, listening to a coupleĀ  of the best albums I’ve ever heard and maybe best album of the year from one of my fave bands (because my other fave bands albums this year were rubbish), the silliness returns. no ‘amazing cultural experiences’ to bore […]