Tokyo Game Show and joining the 21st century.

My E3 segment will be updated shortly, with a (probably not very big) surprise. Suffice to say I have neglected for a long time. Too long. but I hope to make amends. I have a few things to talk about, so stay tuned.

Camera fun.

Here are a few photos from a night trip to the beach a while back. After a brief, useful, if slightly patronizing crash course in how to use my DSLR (after 18 months of having the damn thing), I experimented with various manual settings. I had fun and hope to go again soon. Nothing has…


Here are (literally) a couple of photos from my quick trip to Atami. A stupidly hot day and busy place for a day off.

Sigh no more.

I have decided not to go to martial arts class tonight as I am very tired from an awesome weekend, and may be getting flu. Therefore, feeling a bit reflective, I thought it was a good chance to dig out all the things that were supposed to go on here over the last month (or…

Typhoon and business.

Long time no… er… type… Anyway- Japan and my area of residence is currently getting hit by typhoon Roke. I am in my apartment with all the necessary supplies. The JMA website is pretty good as a resource for what is happening. I have been busy. very busy. started going to a martial arts class,…