Geek shopping and unable to stop painting mountains.

So yesterday I found the Megaman (Rockman in Japan) figures I had been after for a while. Sad, I know, but I think they’re cool! I also found the Konami store and offices in Midtown, Tokyo. Despite the small size, the shop had some awesome art books about some great games, so I did what […]

Fuji hike- 23rd/24th July 2011- Go rei kou.

This weekend saw myself and a few others hike Mount Fuji. Thanks have to go to Joe for organizing it, and his teams massive achievement going from the sea to the summit, which took almost 24 hours. As for my mini team, we all made it up and down safe. I am immensely proud of […]

Weekend at the beach.

Pretty standard week at the coalface this week, apart from a JHS student bowing so much she headbutted the table! Anyway, it is still baking hot, and what else is there to do but go to the beach. tonight I helped out at a kids football festival. by help out, i mean drink beer and […]

Weekend plan B, part 2.

After having a great day and night on Saturday, I agreed to climb a mountain on Sunday morning, which I thought might be a bit ambitious, as I got about 4 hours sleep due to the heat… Anyway, I made it up and down with minimal hassle, and intend on doing it again. the views […]

Weekend plan B, part 1.

So, all (both) of the people I know in Tokyo were busy this weekend, so I stayed in Nagaoka. And had an amazing weekend. Did a bit of shopping, some of it was needed, some of it wasn’t. I was on my way home when I saw a large gathering of people at the local […]