it is hot. i am a bit annoyed (i don’t want to talk about it!) so i decided to be a bit immature and draw some stuff. I have done a few drawings that are ok, but where is the fun in sharing them, eh?! Anyway, there is also a photo that i took last […]


It has been so long, I nearly forgot about you! SO, I went to Tokyo last weekend, and caught the train of the beast… Had a great weekend, talking rubbish, catching up and seeing how the other half live. I also found a big guitar shop, which was wall to wall with objects of desire. […]


It came and is till going on, but the meat and veg of E3 is over. My reaction to the new Nintendo console and a few other things is in the ‘games section’. After 4 weeks, I am finally visiting Tokyo again, and I can’t wait! maybe I’ll take some pics, and maybe I’ll put […]