My 50th post…

Just to let you know, my retrospective about my favorite game ever is now up. And enjoy my photos! I am heading to Kamakura and Enoshima this weekend, so many more to come! Advertisements

Sunday- Panorama Park.

About 15 minutes walk from my apartment is Panorama Park. A cable car that goes up to the top of a mountain. from there, you can see the Izu coast and Mt Fuji on a clear day. Here are the pics. I still can’t believe how amazing my local area is!


The last entry of ‘photos from Japan-2010’ is here. Our last stop was a ‘Ryokan’ in Wajima. A Ryokan is a traditional Japanese hotel. The old couple who ran the place were really sweet, and the location was amazing. One thing I haven’t done is taken many photos of food here. well, I don’t plan […]


The last entry in my ‘photos from last year’ will be up tomorrow. As will (finally) my retrospective about my favorite game (and one of the most important) ever made.